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He's giving me evils.....

Feb. 19th, 2011 | 01:59 pm
mood: busy busy

As I type, my little boy is giving me the dirtiest of looks. He's grumpy because it's nap time and he's fighting it a bit.

Even his dirty looks are cute though.

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Apr. 27th, 2010 | 02:22 pm
mood: content content

.....its the size of a baked bean, and I know it looks a bit like a prawn, but I love my little bubble.

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OMG so tired......

Apr. 25th, 2010 | 10:11 pm
mood: sleepy sleepy

I've had a totally awesome (and totally exhausting) weekend.

Yesterday, we went out for the day in Conwy, Wales. We went all around the town, saw the worlds smallest house, and trekked round the castle. Going up and down all the stairs in the towers and stuff really took it out of me.

We then drove up the road to Llandudno for some food, and we had a walk down the pier.
We didn't get back until 10pm last night, and the train was pretty packed.

Today we walked around town (Chester). We had some lunch next to the river and visited the old church and the roman gardens.

I must have walked about 20 miles this weekend. If I haven't, it bloody feels like it. Bubs has been protesting a bit by giving me heartburn. At least the sea air did me some good.

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Mar. 25th, 2010 | 12:40 pm
mood: indifferent indifferent

My clothes suck.

My boyfriend is supposed to me taking me out tonight, and I have nothing to wear. All my nice stuff doesn't fit anymore (even my awesome suede boots - my calves are too big from working in retail. Sad face.)

Looks like I'm stuck with my usual vest/jeans/trainers combo again.

I hope I get the job on Saturday, so I can buy some new stuff. My wardrobe is in desperate need of a revamp, and I need some new pretty shoes to go with the new pretty clothes.

I've been looking at alternative maternity wear online too. There aren't too many places that cater to rocker mums, and a lot of the regular stuff is overpriced, but I found a couple that sell some cute pregnancy tee's and dresses, plus I can always raid eBay for idea's.

My plan for looking fab while pregnant and on a budget - one or two of pairs of decent maternity jeans, a few pairs of leggings and yoga pants, and a shed-load of cool t-shirts and dresses. I'm gonna be a yummy mummy (when I get pregnant - hopefully not too long to wait. I've got my bf on lock-down next week for sex, cuz it's my ovulation week.)

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Grrrrr, my brain.....

Mar. 22nd, 2010 | 02:46 pm
mood: drained drained

Oh joy! I have a migraine today!

Bog-standard, garden variety headaches, I don't mind so much. I can handle them.

This, however, is like my skull is being crushed by the gods themselves, just because they hate me.

Painkillers are doing bugger all to help (which isn't really surprising. I have a near-superhuman tolerance to meds.) and lying down in the dark and waiting it out seems like my only option.

Why does my own body dislike me to the point where it has to mutiny and cause me pain. It knows I'm angry as it is without it adding fuel to the fire, but still it disappoints me and joins the other side.

If its not causing me pain, its causing me fat, or causing me sad. Some say I have low self-esteem, but I don't think so. I loathe others more than I loathe myself, thus I have low esteem for everyone else, not self, and this causes much loved external conflict. Yay!

Got a job interview for a new fashion 'superstore' opening soon. I reckon I have a good chance at getting it, considering the usual calibre of deadlegs I've seen working at other branches. It doesn't take a genius to scan cheap clothes or fold crap and plonk it on a display. I should know. I've been doing it for years. It's a full-time position, and maybe has room to progress with my 'career', but I figure I'm only gonna be there until I'm 6 months pregnant and can't work, which is still a while off, considering I'm not actually pregnant yet.

This particular fashion retailer deosnt have a maternity range either, which blows, so I'll have to spend my hard-earned cash elsewhere on being a yummy mummy (which I so totally will be!!!!) Pregnancy is a great excuse for a new wardrobe, both pre and post-birth, which is good because I am in sore need of new clothes. All my nice stuff doesnt fit and all the stuff that does is falling apart.

Plus it's gonna be an excellent excuse to eat bucket-loads of ice-cream in summer. Whoo!

I've decided that I'm gonna be one of those earth mother types. Not a hippy, but just kind of intune with stuff. It's weird but the thought of having a kid kinda mellows me out a bit. Previously, I'd never really given the idea a second thought, but now it's been discussed with seriousness and the commitment has been laid down, I like it more and more. I think it's the idea of something being dependent on me, that I can teach stuff to, etc, that I like (kinda cuz I miss my dog, but thats only a really small part of it.)

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Mar. 18th, 2010 | 03:27 am
mood: aggravated aggravated

Ok, so a couple of weeks ago my bf says he wants to have a kid. Previous to this point, I hadn't really put much thought into the idea, but now the idea's out there, yeah, it would be kinda nice.

Anyway, skip forward to now. I want a kid and my bf says he still does, but he's not exactly putting any effort into making one. I've been like 'Hey, I cant make one on my own.'

He's been drinking for the last couple of days, which is annoying the hell out of me. I've quit drinking alcohol, caffeine and ditched my medication. He hasn't changed his habits one little bit. I kept cracking jokes that his sperm will swim round in circles from being drunk, but this is now starting to bother me.

All I want is for him to show a little affection (and maybe have some sex!!!!) but it's like he's a different person this week.

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